Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown (S767VL) Tracfone Review

Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown (S767VL) Review

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Tracfone S767vl specs
Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown
Tracfone continues to roll out new smartphones for the fall of 2018 and the latest is the Galaxy J7 Crown which brings a 5.5" touchscreen, 1.56 Ghz Octa-core processor and 13 MP front and rear camera.

Deal Alert! The J7 Crown is currently available for $79 on Amazon. This likely won't last long!

The J7 Crown is the first new Samsung phone from Tracfone we've seen in quite some time and replaces the previous generation, the Galaxy J7 Sky Pro.

The New J7 Crown keeps the same size screen as the J7 Sky Pro, but with an increase in quality, and has the same amount of RAM and internal storage.

We have seen Tracfone releasing a number of new phones recently including the LG Stylo 4, Rebel 4, and the Moto E5 and Moto G6. After relatively few new phones during the summer, it is good to see Tracfone providing consumers with a variety of options.

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Let's look at the pro's and con's for the J7 Crown.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Quick Facts

What we Like
-Android 8.0 Oreo
-13 MP Front and Rear Camera
-Good Battery Life
-Octa-core processor

What we Don't Like
-16 GB Internal Storage
-Price is around $200

With any budget smartphone, there are always some corners that the manufacture will have to cut to keep the price down and in the case of the new J7 Crown, that included the RAM and internal storage which seems to be a trend for Tracfone smartphones.

Yet the 13 MP camera is an attractive feature, as well as the energy efficient processor that helps the J7 Crown maintain a pretty good battery life.  And the HD touchscreen is also a highlight with a bright and clear display.

So is it worth the somewhat hefty $200 price tag? That's what we will look into in this review as well as compare it to other popular options currently available like the LG Rebel 4, Moto G6 and Moto E5.

Time for the full list of features on specs on the S767VL J7 Crown.

Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Features and Specs

Below are the features followed by the technical specs
  • Android 8.1 Oreo
  • 4G LTE on CDMA Network (Verizon)
  • WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Alarm Clock
  • GPS
  • MP3 Player
  • NFC
  • Standard 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Access to over 1 Million Apps on Google Play
  • Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting
  • USB Charger
Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Technical Specs
Size: 6.03'' x 3.00'' x 0.34'' in (6.4 oz)
Camera: 13 MP Rear Camera with LED Flash, Autofocus and 13 MP Front Camera with Flash
Screen: 5.5" HD screen (720x1280 resolution at 267 dpi)
Processor: 1.56 Ghz Octa-core processor (Exynos 7884)
Memory: 2 GB
Storage: 16 GB (about 12 usable) supports up to 400 GB MicroSD Card
Battery: 3,300 mAh battery (non-removable) with talk time up to 24 hrs, standby 27 days

Many consumers are familiar with the Samsung brand as they are a global manufacture and the largest consumer electronics maker (by revenue) in the world. They are based in South Korea and have a broad lineup of smartphones with their high end device, the Samsung Galaxy S9, a contender for one of the best phones in the world.

The Galaxy J7 Crown does get some of the classic design elements of Samsung phones with a familiar layout for the charging and headphone ports and it also features a Super AMOLED screen which gives deeper colors compared to other screens.

Now let's get into the details with our review of the Galaxy J7.

Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Review

The J7 Crown comes with the same size screen (5.5") as the previous model (J7 Sky Pro) but improves on the overall quality with deeper colors and better outdoor view-ability. The J7 Crown's screen has HD resolution (720x1280) with about 267 dpi for a fairly crisp display.

This phone does not have an automatic light sensor to dim/brighten the screen depending on the conditions but not many devices in this price range include that.

S767VL tracfone specs review
Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown Review

Internal Specs - Processor, RAM, Internal Memory
The one highlight for the J7 Crown when it comes to internal specs is the 1.56 Ghz Octa-core processor (Exynos 7884) which provides a great balance between performance and efficiency and goes a long way in helping the device maintain a good battery life.

The Galaxy J7 Crown also has the standard 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage that almost all of Tracfone's recent smartphones offer. For some users, this just isn't enough internal storage. You can add up to 400 GB extra storage via microSD card.

Somewhat unexpectedly, the Galaxy J7 Crown features both a 13 MP rear camera AND a 13 MP front facing camera. The rear camera has autofocus, LED flash and a number of other features while the front camera is fixed focus but also has flash. This phone is also capable of capturing full HD video at 1080p 30fps.

A 3300 mAh battery combined with the efficient processor helps the Galaxy J7 achieve good battery performance of 24 hrs talk time and 27 days on standby. Practically speaking this phone should last through the day with a full charge for low to moderate use without any issues. The battery is non-removable in this device.

Android OS
Android 8.1 Oreo, which is included with the Galaxy J7 Crown, brings a number of graphical changes and performance improvements over previous versions. It is used by most Android phones at this time with the newer, Android 9 Pie, currently in the works and not expected to be released for a little while.

Tracfone doesn't update the OS on their smartphones, so it is always a good idea to buy a phone with the latest Android version when possible to avoid possible security issues. There are several other Tracfone smartphones now with Android 8.1 including the LG Rebel 4 and LG Stylo 4.

Check out our list of the Best Android Apps for Tracfone for some great options to use with your smartphone.

Triple Minutes for Life
Tracfone has stopped including Triple Minutes for Life with the phones they release but they are offering to triple airtime added at activation for some phones. We don't have all the details on this but have heard from some sources that smartphones with airtime bundles from HSN/QVC are getting tripled when activated.

Learn more about Tracfone Ending Triple Minutes for Life.

Overall Design
With a matte back and slick overall design the Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown is a nice looking phone at a very popular size. It has the power button on the left and volume on the right side of the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown is a nice upgrade over the previous version although it keeps the same screen size, RAM, and internal storage. But what you do get is updated Android OS, better screen quality, a better processor and camera.

The lingering question we have is, does that make it worth the $200 price tag? It is hard to say with options like the Moto E5 also recently released by Tracfone which has a larger screen size, same RAM and internal storage, but is listed at $99.

And with the Moto G6 now also available from Tracfone, which has a larger, 5.7" full HD screen and 32 GB storage, 3 GB RAM and dual rear camera, it would be hard for us to choose the Galaxy J7 Crown over the Moto G6. The Crown does have a larger capacity battery, and a number of signature Samsung touches from the design to the additional Operating System features.

Where to Buy the Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown

View the J7 Crown on Amazon
The J7 Crown can be found through several online sources with several options including airtime bundles:

Best Deal - Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown on Amazon for $79

View the Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown with 1200 Minute Airtime Bundle on HSN for $209
View the Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown with $40 Airtime Bundle on Amazon for $208

The Galaxy J7 Crown is also available on the Tracfone website for $149 without airtime bundle.

For more information on the Galaxy J7 Crown check out the interactive tutorial and the user guide.

This concludes on review of the J7 Crown. We hope this information is useful and please leave a comment with any thoughts or questions.

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