An Economist Ready to Write Off Libraries Evokes A Nationwide Response

An economist's misguided op ed suggesting that public libraries could be replaced by Amazon and access to digital media, led to such a public outcry nationwide that Forbes pulled it down with an apology. Public libraries are grateful for the huge outpouring of support from people in communities around the country!  

Many articles have appeared, such as the one this week in The Washington Post. But the true depth of emotion expressed can be seen in the comments below the article.
It is encouraging to see the enthusiasm expressed by the many library advocates who took time to add their comments. Special thanks to "bonnieque" who specifically mentioned the Fairfax County Public Library: "I am a heavy user of my regional branch of the Fairfax County Library system. When I moved here more than 30 years ago, one of the first things I did was to get a library card. I am so grateful for the resources at my fingertips. "

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