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They also give to candidates to drink 11 bottles of Red Bull to get wings and pass the test. Times change, imbecility remains the same.

A fucktion “variable” from the Middle Ages could come back adapted and applied for the candidates with heavy degrees. The candidates are asked to take off their shoes, HR smear the sole of their feet with Vaseline and ask them to stand all together on a burning hot metal plate. Then the managers start to play instrumental music. Those who jump high and stay in the air or fly would “pass” the test, the others who just move their legs up and down are burnt while offering an amusement to the managers. Stable value! If it is already applied by any multinational company please feel free to share your dancing experience with us.

Revealing is also the response of a HR supervisor of an “assessment centre” of a big multinational company to a remark of an engineer candidate on the impossible task asked. It is a worthy quote. Candidate: “Some data were lacking in the problems you asked to solve in very short time, there was a need to make an assumption or use variables for solving the problem, but you wanted only to submit a number in the box as a result.” 
HR: “Yes, I know, I know, as other candidates told me as well, but as I explained to you at the beginning, I do not check your calculations, I do not want the paper with the calculations but only one number in the box. Nothing else fits in the box. You think there has been a mistake? No, the problems have been well checked by the managers. I know, I understood, I understood, what I do not understand is why they call you here if they do not want you. I know those who call you have one or none degree, but you have more and heavier, that is why. I am not supposed to say that to you but go and tell it to others, so as not to come.” This was the feedback the supervisor gave having an expression of disgust, mumbling at the end "it's shame" while accompanying the candidate at the exit.
Then the managers say that “even seniors fail to those tests” or “what is this disobedience”. 
What an ugliness we are witnesses of…It is all about a fucktion with many variables. Their complexes are constants. You need to fit “in the box” and not think outside of it.

It is also noteworthy the reply of the TOTAL’s hiring technical manager and HR to the experienced candidate that she/he “must respect their recruitment stages and accept to attend the assessment centre if they want to be considered for a job in the company”, “What is this disobedience?” NO, WE DO NOT HAVE TO RESPECT THEIR HARASSMENT VALUES AND THEIR ABUSIVE STRATEGY BUT THEY MUST RESPECT THE CANDIDATES WITH UNIVERSITY DEGREES. NO RESPECT to harassers and their contemptible practices including irrational and abusive recruitment stages run by morons! A lawsuit for harassment during recruitment process is of no avail when the law regarding harassment at workplace is not enforced neither for the employment period in a company. 
Our message to dumb(o)sses and their minions: STOP THE OPPRESSION or BE DEPRESSED BY THE PRESS!

It is also noteworthy the written feedback of a hiring manager of TOTAL company when an internal experienced candidate makes a point regarding the essence of those tests rejecting the invitation to “be harassed”. The manager notes that “even senior professionals who had applied from other companies failed to pass their tests”. What does it mean “fail”? They have found the IQ of qualified candidates low when the company probably asked them the impossible e.g. to solve a problem with lacking data and without making assumptions, providing just a number as a result to be checked by the HR morons or the candidates did not hit high scores in their stupid puzzles? What is the IQ they search for? What is the IQ of the directors without academic degrees who order such ridiculous and invalid tests? Those who hit high IQ scores and “pass” the tests but are not hired by the fearful managers are the ones who have succeeded? After having been qualified for universities courses, having met the university entry requirements scoring high at entrance examinations, after having been awarded Masters with Distinction and/or PhDs degrees from accredited universities and published research papers candidates will have to go down and attend an(e)ther training run by the morons HR for being able to fill stupid puzzles in order to get a job? What a shame! 
The old generations managed to get positions in big companies and grow easily to directors without holding any academic degree and then they made it difficult to new generations with degrees to be hired. The directors who order those assessment centres are those who lack academic degrees and aim to break the moral of those with high credentials and deprive them of their right to get a job. The real assessment centres are the universities which award degrees upon numerous exams, as well as the previous employer-harassers for the experienced candidates. The fresh graduates have all gone through the academic harassment and are already overfilled by petty professors who were kicked out of the industry upon harassment and released their frustrations to students (domino effect), as well as by moron peers. Some companies even dare to call on the phone a candidate-fresh graduate (indeed continuously) during the weekend to invite them to an “assessment centre” scheduled to take place in two days as “it happened that a vacancy in that centre opened the last moment”, proving that way the abusive character of those centers. 
A law must be made to prohibit harassment centres ordered by a petty and fearful management as first^ step of the recruitment process. Their aim is to break the moral and nerves of all candidates and kick them directly out of the industry. If they do not want to hire a candidate they should just reject their application and not invite them to harassment-based interviews or “assessment” centers subjecting them to endless oppression!

Ces tests QI doivent être interdits par la loi. Il est inacceptable et irrationnel que des candidats qui étaient sérieusement évalués par les universités avant d’être accordés des diplômes, d'être ensuite évalués par les entreprises avec tels tests «QI» ridicules par un emploi ! Comme l'examen des empreintes génétiques d’une personne n'est autorisé par la loi que pour certains cas, l'examen du QI avec tels tests non fiables doit être interdit. Le but de ces centres est simplement de briser le moral des candidats avec ces tests et autre maltraitance. Ils peuvent même leur demander l'impossible dans leur tentative de les mettre bas. C'est une honte qu'il n'y ait pas de loi pour interdire ces centres de harcèlement qui alimentent le secteur des ressources humaines. En effet, par ces tests QI sont expulsés ceux qui obtiennent des scores élevés car les idiots et patrons craintifs gouvernent les entreprises.
Conseils aux nouveaux diplômés qui sont invités à participer à ces centres de harcèlement: Ils ne vous respectent pas, mais vous devez respecter vous-même en refusant d'y assister. Ne pas nourrir les crétins et les permettre de vous abuser. Ils sont tous pitoyables!

For the record, the company I referred to is Total S.A. of which Hutchinson Group is subsidiary.

Can you please identify the companies which dare to ask even the experienced/confirmed professionals, indeed internal candidates (within a corporate Group) with heavy academic degrees and proven track record of top performance to participate in their stupid simulation of kindergarten stating that the human IQ changes every two years and as a consequence the older IQ-assessment or harassment test scores are outdated? 
You well exposed that shame, Catherine. Do they maybe think that the IQ must change every two years of employment as they put great effort to damage the brain of an employee by means of harassment/mobbing techniques? But the IQ of HR and those who direct them remains stable at the bottom since they ask even the experienced professionals with heavy academic degrees to participate in their stupid simulation of kindergarten. Indeed, there is also a bunch of dumb-unqualified people called HR which need to be fed by harassing those who seek a job. There are centres that ask few thousand euros from an individual to "prepare" them for filling stupid puzzles in those centres and even a higher amount from the company for which they can set up such "kindergarten". The whole system really SUCKS.

To this global shame one should also add the non-sensible step in the recruitment process of fresh graduates based on ridiculous harassment (or assessment) centres where HR representatives mess with candidates. Engineers and scientists are called to feed that sector of unqualified dumb people, the so-called human resources HR by playing stupid role games and filling puzzles as they are in a kindergarten and thus getting their nerves irritated. Yes, those people who have been seriously assessed by universities and have been awarded academic degrees upon having demonstrated high-level analytical and problem solving skills, those who have even published part of their academic research are called to feed that dump-sector of “human resources” who do nothing but sucking.  Even the principles of lean according to which "we do not throw away waste but we can take resources and use them elsewhere where they can add value" can not apply. HR does not add any value but kill the values, the fake inapplicable values which they display in their corporate websites. HR fed by those career or harassment/assessment centres is a waste, their salaries should be invested elsewhere and they should go to educate themselves. 
But the fun reaches a peak when a confirmed professional who has passed the real harsh academic and industrial harassment is asked by a company in which she/he applies for a job (indeed within the Group where the professional works) to take part in those “centres” which are used for killing them. If an inexperienced fresh graduate passes those “tests” hitting the highest scores is not enough (HR deems) as they lack industrial experience or they are not internal candidates and when they become experienced indeed within the corporate Group the score is outdated (after two years) as the human IQ according to dumb-HR changes e v e r y  t w o  y e a r s!**!! 
HR employees, get the fuck off our lives, you and your fearful dumb directors who program and use you as dumb-robots.

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