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It is also noteworthy that when the victim questioned Baptiste Voillequin about the nature of the results the technician referred to (since there was no document other than personal academic notes in the drawer), he replied "let it go, let it go, I can't talk about it". He could not talk about his violation, but he could say easily lies against the victim to the director and later (after two years!) in his testimony to HR which was submitted formally to the court! He could do easily defamation behind the victim’s back. Although the company never put the victim in confrontation with him regarding the false accusations this nasty person made, although the company never notified the victim about his lies and no photos of "results" have been presented as evidences, they had the audacity to submit those accusations formally to the court shocking the victim! Where those nonexistent “results” have been presented? Why they were not shown to the victim, why the victim was not questioned by HR in regards to those “findings”, why the “results” were not presented to the court as evidences? What Baptiste Voillequin took photos of? They could not present to the court photos of academic notes, eh? But they could submit to the court unfounded accusations when the victim had received no notification/remark by anyone including the petty manager Baptiste Voillequin. Once more, the role of the HR investigator was proved to be approver of lies. 
Later, they demonstrated again their audacity with their complaint concerning the video “le savoir voler”, accusing the commenters of lying! How petty are they! “Let it go, let it go”, but the video will stay to expose their ugliness. In the reality they are even more ridiculous than the video shows. Indeed, Hutchinson SA montre bien ce qui est zero. Boooo!!
The entity with the “elements” is called Baptiste Voillequin.
Could you also please communicate “données de nature“ which will allow the identification of the entity which under the auspices of Hutchinson Group committed workplace invasion of privacy (search of an employee’s desk, locked drawer and personal items, taking photographs without the victim’s knowledge or consent)? Who is the entity with the “many elements” which violated the employee’s drawer searching for academic notes and later lied accusing other employees of being thieves and reported that he got non-existent “results”? Which is the entity which seeked to exploit the employee’s expertise for his own promotion? Who is the despotic and oppressive entity depicted in the CdR video with the loudspeaker who shouted to a newly hired employee for over thirty minutes because the latter copied him in an email instead of sending him a separate one in advance for asking his permission for getting in contact with their colleagues? Who is the entity who rebuked an employee for not going every while during the day to the far away location where her/his technician works with her/his personal car to check if the technician is doing his boring tasks or helps the others? Who is the entity which France needed so disparately and did not allow him to leave the country for studies or work? Which is the entity which is expert is saying lies making defamation against those who has oppressed?

The dérisoire should go for a new publication titled: “Contribution à l’histoire de la violation en France (1944-2017): dynamiques d’imbécillité et régimes de production de savoir”.
He has made many contributions in this regard which indeed generated knowledge. France did not let him leave the country to open his horizons and see the science in its real dimensions without frontiers so he was looking for its bigger picture in the foreign academic notes of the expert. Yes, France needs historians with blinders to innovate LOL

What one can expect from a scientist? Especially from those who have proved that they have fear of scientific research and their knowledge and undertake PG to h i s t o r y to research the local institutes which conducted research! Only complexes, pettiness and jealousy towards engineers which leads to such violations and other reprehensible acts. But whatever they do to undermine the latter fails. They just open their pit. All time long inferiority complexes. Such dérisoires are of course incapable of generating knowledge, but only arouse disgust by their conduct.

It is true, Albert. The senior directors who believe those dérisoires are the dupes who have no academic degrees. Any talent that enters the company can not stay long unless they are empty-headed or lackey. Advice to qualified people who seek a job: Do not run to waste! Anywhere else might be better.

Let me add my testimony to the reprehensible conduct of such "dérisoires". If one is highly educated and enters the company as project manager/expert (cadre) will be oppressed a lot by such silly superiors who want to dominate and believe that they are the only ones who have the knowledge even if they do not have the basic understanding. Any scientific/technical interpretation of results, any analysis or idea that a new hired project manager has will be exploited by such petty "responsables" and presented to the higher boss wrongly as their own work. They try to take the credit and mislead their superiors in hierarchy informing them wrongly that hey told to their subordinates (experts) what to do or how to interpret the results when in reality the responsables know nothing. They ignore their high credentials, academic background and try to diminish them. They are all fearful bosses who want to show to their higher managers/directors that they are the only experts and all the newly hired are below them even when the latter are much more qualified holding heavier academic degrees and having professional experience. Their attitude is very provocative and an expert who enters the company gets much oppressed as such “seniors” do not pay them the respect they deserve. They have such complexes that they even want to control the changing of slides during the presentations of the new project managers/experts and have the habit to interrupt them during their speech to talk about things that the presenter is in the process of explaining and indeed in a better way. They endeavour in that ugly way to show that they know and impress the directors or visitors being disrespectful to their colleagues in charge who may know more.They want to steal their know-how and promote themselves.Their efforts to dominate stepping on and diminishing others is very disgusting.
The word “respect” stated as corporate value does not have any place. One needs to be empty-headed if they want to stay in the company for years. If one has credentials it is impossible to tolerate such shit-heads above them. The company simply can not work with smart people. That is the reason that the post of a project manager is always vacant while the potential victims who seek a job are many. Respect must be replaced by fear in that dump-company.

There is an extension in their deplorable and laughable behaviour. Upon reading stolen notes they have various queries as they are unable to understand mechanics or they lack the notes of all lectures. So the drollery continues when upon their shameful violations they get back to make questions attempting to solve their queries from their reading, they search every day the “interesting office” for new documents or the “missing pieces/lecture notes” to steal. They even dare to advice the expert “You can bring to the work your documents, books and anything you read… give me anything you have from your academic studies to help me to build a team…it is safe here to bring your sources…”
If the company wants to keep and promote such silly employees of no integrity who aspire to climb up the ladder stepping on others then they need firstly to send them back to universities to acquire the knowledge they need and then to provide them a series of  trainings for developing (if possible) their interpersonal skills and ethos.  The path will be long and costly, the “unquality” things and the company’s commitment to them are what cost money.

Attention! Comme le dérisoire a été promu cette année à un directeur technique "il a encore plus d'éléments" et il peut violer nos maisons. Donc, armez bien vos propriétés et allumez vos caméras de surveillance! Hutchinson youtube blog mettra la vidéo en ligne toujours "pour le bénéfice de l’entreprise".

On se demande aussi comment il est possible qu’une entreprise promeuve telles bêtes ou comment il est possible qu'il existe une telle entreprise merdique.

Le dérisoire non seulement il n’a pas eu honte pour la violation qu'il a commis et ses mensonges (diffamation à d’autres), mais il a provoqué ensuite davantage l’experte qu’il avait volé en passant de son bureau et prononçant précisément des extrait des notes qu’il avait volé et en faisant le geste pouce en l'air (that is sHit on my head, yes sHit!). Comment est-il possible qu’une personne soit si imbécile?

Le type dérisoire de la vidéo "le savoir violer" disgracie la France et ses universités «qui ne l'ont pas laissé quitter le pays car ils avaient besoin de lui» LOL On peut bien comprendre que tous les Français qui travaillent à l'étranger ont quitté le pays car ils ne pouvaient pas tolérer telles personnes débiles.
La France ne t’a pas permis de partir à l'étranger pour une formation ou un emploi car tu nous fais s’esclaffer de rire, dérisoire?LOL Bien sûr, nous avons besoin de dérisoires comme toi pour nous faire rire. Tu as appris l'art de voler dans les universités françaises? Tu as même volé ton diplôme la nuit?
Restez à l'écoute de nouvelles vidéos.

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