Hutchinson SAtire- The office lighting


Target: I have an issue with the lighting in my office. The ceiling lamps get strangely burnt very often and only one barely lights up. This week all are burnt. Karen Mainpain, with whom I share the office asked me to buy a desk lamp because she gets much light having her desk close to the window. But my side is dark as I do not have window. She turns the lights off all the time causing me discomfort, eyestrain and affecting my productivity. She claims that the light from the lamps causes her problem. 

MR Benoualid: Why don’t you ask a technician to replace a lamp only in your side which is dark and leave the rest in the side of your colleague burnt? 

Target: I already asked the service but they thought that I was joking. I also asked Karen to change desks. I can move to the window side and she can take my desk in the dark side and buy a desk lamp. But she was negative as she likes her side which is bright. The problem is that she also likes playing with my nerves. 

MR Benoualid: The suggestion to buy a desk lamp seems logical to me. If she does not want to change desk you can not press her. Do the other managers have desk lamps? 

Target: Not in their offices, maybe in their bedroom. 

MR Benoualid: You need to make a compromise since you share the office with your colleague. You have to respect their needs and accommodate them. 

Target: Mr Benoualid, office work is visually demanding and requires good lighting for maximum comfort and productivity. Poor lighting, especially the focused one by desk lamp, results to difficulty seeing documents, eyestrain, eye irritation, blurred vision, dry burning eyes, headaches and even blindness. Poor lighting affects not only the ocular system but can also contribute to stiff neck and aches in shoulder area. These problems can occur when people adopt poor or awkward postures when trying to read something under poor lighting conditions. The necessity of lights in work is not of question. 

MR Benoualid: No, no, it is not from that, no. Those can be caused only from sins. You do not get anything from that.

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