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Target: I have been treated by the department and project managers in a hostile manner through their actions, verbal and written communication. They undermined my physical and psychological integrity and my dignity by a multiplicity of recurrent and reprehensible acts which I stated analytically in my reports to human resources manager. I have been subjected to injustice, prejudice, discrimination, intimidation, humiliation, cynicism, demotion, threats, violence, excessive pressure, demeaning and denigrating attitude, brutal and despotic behaviour, degradation of relational and material working conditions. I’ve been assigned fake, absurd and impossible projects, projects that never run being of no interest to business units. I’ve been excluded from all professional training courses. I have suffered from deleterious, degrading, offensive, hostile, toxic environment. I have been food poisoned. I have suffered emotional shock following violent disagreement with the managers. They have violated my personal time, my privacy in workplace and they intruded upon my private life. They violated my right to equal opportunities, they undermined my security and health, they jeopardized my employment and career prospects.

Mr Benoualid: No, no, we refuse your moral harassment claims. No, this is not moral harassment but bad management.

Target: I have suffered all those in an extent which led to impairment of my mental, physical and psychological well-being, physical weakness, nerves perturbation, emotional instability, loss of hair, tiredness, anguish, discouragement, frustration, helplessness, sadness, psychological and physical pain, lack of sleep, insecure feeling, wrongful stress, headaches, intestinal and physical discomforts, depression, lack of concentration, insomnia, anorexia, loss of weight, loss of motivation and ambition and professional burn out.

Mr Benoualid: No, you do not get anything from that. No, it’s not from that. Those can be caused only from sins.

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