Noteworthy New Children's Books

The shelves of new children’s books at the library are stocked with the latest treasures from the publishing world. Here are a few gems that stand out.

The Nantucket Sea Monster: A Fake News Story by Darcy Pattison

This colorful book introduces the topic of fake news by relating a true story about a "sea monster" that became news in 1937 New England. Appendixes include a timeline of actual events, an overview of the free press and sources. This can be a good introduction to the topic of fact-checking and media literacy for home or school groups. It’s best for children age 5-10.

Frida Kahlo and her Animalitos by Monica Brown

This picture book biography of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo approaches the subject from the perspective of animals Frida owned and loved throughout her life. Spider monkeys, turkeys, parrots and Xolo hairless dogs were among her menagerie; many of them appear in her famous self-portraits. Superb illustrations reveal details of Frida's life, such as the extent of her disability, that are not as evident in the text. Ideal for preschool through kindergarten.

Hello Goodbye Dog by Maria Gianferrari

Moose is a typical dog – she loves hello and hates good-bye. Moose loves hello most when it involves her favorite human, Zara. When Zara goes to school each day in her family’s wheelchair-accessible van, it means good-bye- but not for long. Moose finds ways to get to school, much to the chagrin of the staff. Finally Zara gets the idea to have Moose certified as a therapy dog so Moose can say hello to the schoolchildren every day and help them read. Ideal for preschool through kindergarten.

Meet a dog like Moose at your library! See the FCPL schedule for read-to-the-dog programs.

-Suzanne LaPierre, City of Fairfax Regional Library

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