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Are you a fan of the beloved and iconic superhero, Wonder Woman? If you particularly liked the movie that came out this summer, you can relive the experience on the page with Nancy Holder’s official novelization, newly acquired here at Fairfax County Public Library. But whether your Wonder Woman love comes from comic books, graphic novels, television or film, this book list is for you!

Secret History of Wonder Woman – Jill Lepore [741.5 L 2014]

This is the first book to tell of Wonder Woman’s origins and the people, situations and culture that influenced and shaped both her story and her character. Harvard historian and New Yorker staff writer Jill Lepore examines both the life of Wonder Woman as a fictional character and the lives of her creator, William Moulton Marston, and his family, as well as how her story was affected by and, in turn, affected the feminist movement.

Water Song – Suzanne Weyn [YFIC WEY]

For those who appreciated the historical setting of the Wonder Woman movie, this story is also set in Europe during WWI. Unlike Diana, Emma Pennington is no superhero. She has no superpowers or even a hint of magic, but she is beautiful and wealthy, accustomed to living comfortably despite the war that rages abroad. But the war unexpectedly touches even her life and teaches Emma many lessons about love and humanity.

The Lost Sisterhood – Anne Fortier [FIC FOR]

Everyone knows the legendary Amazon tribe is just that: a legend. But Diana Morgan has spent her academic career trying to prove that the Amazons actually existed, an obsession that began with her grandmother’s claim to be an Amazon herself. And she may just have stumbled upon the break she needs when a mysterious foundation invites her to decipher an unusual inscription they have uncovered in North Africa.

Hippolyta and the Curse of the Amazons [JFIC YOL]

Glimpse Wonder Woman’s legendary mother as a child in this novel. It is said that a second son born of an Amazon Queen must be sacrificed in exchange for Artemis’ protection or else he’d bring about the destruction of the Amazons. But when Hippolyta’s mother, Queen Otrere, bears a second son, she cannot sacrifice him and is stripped of her title and imprisoned. It’s up to Hippolyta to save her mother and brother, her people and herself.

Phoenix and Ashes – Mercedes Lackey [SF LAC]

This book is the third in Mercedes Lackey’s Elemental Masters series, a fantasy series that does not have to be read in any particular order. It tells the story of Eleanor, a 20th century Cinderella whose father dies during the Great War and leaves her under the thumb of a stepmother engaged in the darker blood-fueled side of Earth magic, and Reggie, an ace WWI pilot and Elemental Master of Air, scarred from his own experiences in the War.

The Foretelling – Alice Hoffman [YFIC HOF]

Like Diana, Rain is the daughter of an Amazon Queen, a powerful daughter training and preparing to be an Amazon Queen herself one day. A daughter who brings great sorrow to her mother, though through no fault of her own. A daughter who, unlike Diana, desires love and approval from a mother who can barely look at her, let alone speak to her. A warrior who begins to see a different future for herself than how she was raised.

Wonder Woman: Love and Murder – Jodi Picoult

At this time, you’ll need to take advantage of the reciprocal agreements Fairfax County Public Library has with Arlington County, Loudoun County or the City of Alexandria, or make use of our interlibrary loan service to get your hands on this one, but the extra effort will be worth it! In this graphic novel, Jodi Picoult shares a Wonder Woman struggling to understand both what it means to be human and who she is. Her name is Diana Prince, special agent of the Department of Metahuman Affairs. Her assignment: the apprehension of Wonder Woman.

Have other recommendations for others who love Wonder Woman? Don’t forget to leave them, along with any suggestions for future “If You Like…” posts, in the comments!

-Denise Dolan, George Mason Regional Library

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