Books I Haven't Finished. (Yet)

Maybe you're like me and were a little too ambitious with your summer to-read list. And you put far more books on hold than you actually have time to read.

Confession: I didn’t get through any of these books. But the first chapters were all intriguing; I can guarantee you! I’ve already placed them on hold again and am looking forward to their return.

The North Water – A dark thriller set aboard a 19th century whaleship. I have to pick this up again to find out what happens to the evil character introduced in chapter one.

Dead Letters –A clever debut novel and suspenseful mystery involving twin sisters and family secrets that one critic called a “literary scavenger hunt that you never want to end.”

The Idiot – Another debut novel. The humor in this book caught me by surprise. Selim is beginning her freshman year at Harvard in 1995. I can’t wait to see what the year holds for her.

-Ginger Hawkins, Patrick Henry Library

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