Tracfone Deals and Sales - May 2017

List of Deals, Discounts and Sales on Tracfone Devices - May 2017

Here are the latest and greatest collection of discounted Tracfone devices and unlocked smartphones on sale. 

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Tracfone Deals and Discounts - May 2017
We know it can be a challenge to find the lowest price when you are shopping for a new phone, so we monitor and share the best deals from around the web here. 

We've included both Tracfone smartphones and unlocked devices that can be used with Tracfone BYOP. If you are not sure how bringing your own phone to Tracfone might work, visit our BYOP page or see our Guide to Activating a Tracfone Smartphone or BYOP Device.

One of the best ways to get a good deal when buying a Tracfone is to get it with an airtime bundle, which several websites offer. With a bundle, you usually get both airtime and a phone at a discounted price.

Let's take a look at some great deals on Tracfone Smartphones bundled with airtime.

Tracfone Smartphone Deals

Samsung Galaxy Sky - $109
One of the best affordable smartphones from Tracfone at this time, the Galaxy Sky comes with a 5" touchscreen, Android 6.0, 16GB memory and 1.5 GB RAM. It is a popular phone for good reason, and available from QVC bundled with 1350 total minutes plus 1 year of service, which is worth over $100. View our Review of the Galaxy Sky to learn more about the specs.

LG Premier - $89
The Premier features a 5.3" touchscreen, 8 GB memory, Android 5.1 and 1 GB RAM. The specs aren't quite as good as the Galaxy Sky, but it does have a larger screen and is capable of most everyday needs. It is available with 1350 minutes and 1 year of service (over $100 value) for just $89. Visit our Review of the LG Premier to see full specs and details.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime - $89
While the Galaxy Grand Prime has been available for about a year, it still delivers some great performance at the price, featuring a 5" screen, 8 GB memory and Android 5.0. This bundle comes with the Grand Prime and 1350 talk/text/data minutes plus 1 year of service for just $89.

Now for a few unlocked smartphones that are available at a great price, and can be brought to Tracfone BYOP.

Unlocked Smartphone Deals

Moto G4 Plus 16GB - $$189 or 64GB - $219
While the Moto G5 Plus was recently released, the G4 Plus still packs great value and now can be had at a discount. The G4 Plus features a 5.5" full HD touchscreen, Android 6.0 (with upgrade to 7.0 now available) an octa-core processor and 12MP camera. Visit our review of the Moto G4/ G4 Plus to learn more about what this phone offers.

tracfone moto g5 plus
Moto G5 Plus 
Moto G5 Plus - $184 for Amazon Prime members
The best budget unlocked smartphone, the Moto G5 Plus has a powerful 2.0 Ghz octa-core processor, 5.2" screen Android 7.0 and 32 GB memory. Visit our Moto G5 Plus page for full specs. It is listed at $229, which is a reasonable price for the performance this phone offers, but Amazon Prime members can get a $45 gift card, reducing the price to $184.

Moto G5 Plus on Amazon - $229 (Amazon Prim members get $45 gift card with purchase)

Visit our list of the Best Unlocked phones to use with Tracfone BYOP if you are looking for more smartphone ideas. We also recently updated our list of the Best Tracfone Smartphones - 2017

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. And please let us know if you find any great deals on unlocked devices or Tracfone smartphones.

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