Mobbing at the workplace

                  Bullying or Mobbing at the workplace. The five stages and why it usually happens.

Coping with fearful bosses and petty colleagues who resort to mobbing for knocking talented people out of work as "unfit" is quite challenging thing in the workplace. The bullying or mobbing or moral harassment or victimisation kills the motivation and jeopardizes the career of the victim. Mobbing unfortunately is the price that all talented, intelligent or charismatic people have to pay in our society as they make difference. Everything brilliant has to be tamped down, the flame has to be stomped out by the fearful incompetent ones with inferiority complexes. It’s sad bud true that in all counties the weak, incompetent people climb up the corporate ladder kicking out the real leaders. If your superior in hierarchy feels threatened by your competences it means that the boss above him/her is also weak and you can not certainly escape from their torture. Real leaders promote strong people and untalented ones feel powerful by having weaker than them as subordinates. If you find your supervisor weak it means that the top head is in the same level and supports or orders the mobbing. Unions have no power, they can just hear the victim but they are incapable of solving the issue as they are all directed by the fearful employer. It should be also noted that many times the harassed employees release their frustrations to others, newcomers in the company not involved to mobbing and create that way more victims becoming themselves cretins-bullies. This is also blameworthy indicating that this victim is rather worthless, petty. Finding a confident employer who welcomes competent, strong people is utopia and having no need to work for living, no need to come in contact with all those rubbish people in every day working life is what all injured wish.

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