Listening to S Town? Now Read These.

Here at About Books, we are big fans of the podcast S-Town and maybe love it even more than we did Serial. This interview (warning contains spoilers!) with the show's creator Brian Reed explains why it's no wonder the podcast appeals to us. S-Town was intentionally released like a book with chapters, not episodes, and released all at once, unlike the weekly releases of most podcasts. As Reed explains:

"I guess I wanted to signal to the listeners that this is the kind of story this is. It’s going to feel a little literary and a little more like a novel than a TV show, maybe. Some podcasts feel a little more structured after serialized TV; this is more like a book you might sit down to read over the course of a week or two."

Or devour in three days. But however long it takes you to finish S-Town, if you'd like reading suggestions that remind you of the podcast, here's a great list put together by NoveList's Book Squad.

--Ginger Hawkins, Patrick Henry Library

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