Tracfone Deals and Sales for March 2017

List of Deals, Discounts and Sales on Tracfone

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Tracfone Discounts
Below are the latest Tracfone cell phones at the best prices we've found, plus great deals on other Tracfone devices and airtime.

Finding the best deal on Tracfone devices and minutes is not always easy with the wide number of locations they are available. But we are often checking prices, and learning about discounts, and so we are here to help share the best deals on newer Tracfone smartphones, as well as some great deals on other devices or minutes.

Let's start with the best prices on newer smartphones from Tracfone

Tracfone Deals and Discounts - March 2017

Samsung Galaxy Sky with Airtime Bundle - $105
The Galaxy Sky comes with 16 GB internal memory, a quad core processor and 1.5 GB RAM as well as Android 6.0. It has some of the best specs for a budget smartphone from Tracfone, and is available at a good price with airtime bundles.

Visit our review of the Samsung Galaxy Sky to learn more.

Samsung Galaxy Sky with 1350 airtime bundle on QVC for $105
Samsung Galaxy Sky with 120 Minute card on Amazon for $119
Samsung Galaxy Sky with $25 Smartphone airtime card on eBay for $129

LG X Style with Airtime Bundle - $109
One of the newest phones from Tracfone, the X Style is well designed and offers some great specs including 8 GB internal memory, quad core processor wit h1.5 GB RAM and Android 6.0.1. Visit our review of the LG X Style to learn more about all the features this phone offers

LG X Style with 1350 Airtime bundle on QVC for $109
tracfone deals iphone
iPhone 5S on Amazon

iPhone 5S (reconditioned) - $129
The iPhone 5S is still a popular smartphone choice and Tracfone recently began offering them directly. The iPhone 5S has a 4" touchscreen and runs on Apple's iOS. Visit our post about the iPhone 5S to learn more, and see where else it might be found. This deal is directly from Tracfone, so visit their site, and go to 'Shop Phones' and the reconditioned iPhone 5S should be listed in the list. If you don't see it, the phone may be sold out or unavailable in your area.

iPhone 5S (Reconditioned) available on the Tracfone website for $129

Those are some of the newer phones from Tracfone at the best prices we've found, now we have several great deals on slightly older devices.

LG Sunset airtime bundle for $69
Although it is more than a year old, the LG Sunset still has some great features including a 4.5" touchscreen, Android 5.0.1, 8 GB internal memory and a quad core processor with 1 GB RAM. Visit our full review of the LG Sunset to learn more. The deal below includes the phone and an airtime bundle worth $100 for just $69.

LG Sunset with 1200 minute airtime bundle from HSN for $69
lg rebel tracfone deal
LG Rebel on Amazon

LG Rebel airtime bundle for $49
The LG Rebel was a popular budget phone when it was released, and comes with Android 5.1.1, a 4.5" touchscreen, 8 GB internal memory and a quad core processor with 1 GB RAM. You can see more features, and learn about some users' reliability issues with the phone, in our LG Rebel Review. With the deal below you get the Rebel with a $30 airtime card, meaning the phone costs just $20 which is a good deal.

LG Rebel with 120 minute card ($30 value) on Amazon for $49
LG Rebel with 1200 minute airtime bundle on HSN for $79

LG Lucky airtime bundle for $29
The LG Lucky is a fairly basic Android smartphone but it can run a handful of apps and do all the normal cell phone tasks like texting, surfing the web and more. It comes with a 3,8" touchscreen, 4 GB internal memory and Android 4.4. See full specs and more in our Review of the LG Lucky. The deal below comes with the LG Lucky plus a 200 Minute Airtime Card worth $40 for just $29 total!

LG Lucky with 200 Minute Airtime Card ($40 value) on eBay for $29

That concludes our list of Tracfone deals, discounts and sales! We appreciate your comments, and let us know if we missed any great deals!

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