Tracfone LG Smartphone Comparison - LG Rebel vs Treasure vs Premier vs Stylo 2

Tracfone LG Android Phones Compared - Rebel, Treasure, Premier and Stylo 2

This post was created by TracfoneReviewer to give a side by side comparison of several new Tracfone LG smartphones. We share lots more Tracfone information here, so take a look around.

Tracfone has released a full line of new LG smartphones over the last few months. We've reviewed each of these phones, but also wanted to create a quick comparison to help highlight the various differences and similarities each of these phones share.

We often get questions asking whether phone 'a' is better than phone 'b' and it isn't always easy to give a straight answer. With this comparison of these LG smartphones we hope consumers will be able to see the key differences for themselves, and determine which phone is right for them.

Obviously there are a number of other great Tracfone smartphones also available, so don't limit yourself just to these phones. Take a look at our Cell Phone Reviews page for more.

The Treasure, Rebel, Premier and Stylo 2 are all from the same LG line (released by LG in early 2016), with a handful of differences. The Stylo 2 is the most expensive, but also has the largest screen and other features. The Rebel is the cheapest, and comes with the smallest screen.

Below is our comparison chart to show exactly how these phones differ.

best lg smartphones tracfone
Tracfone LG Phone Comparison - Click to Expand

There are a number of similarities as you can see, including RAM, internal memory, and Android OS version.

There are four main ways these LG phones differ:
-Screen Size

Let's take a closer look at each of these differences.

Screen size is the most obvious, and ranges from 4.5 inches on the Rebel, to 5.7 inches for the Stylo 2. If you know what size screen you might prefer, it makes it easy to choose which one to buy. 5 to 5.3 inches is a good size for many people, as it balances between bulk and larger viewing surface. But some may prefer a much larger, or smaller screen size.

The front a rear cameras on these four LG phones also differ, with better front and rear cameras coming with the LG Premier and Stylo 2.

Network compatibility is an important difference to note as your area may only be compatible with one network. Note that the LG Rebel has two versions available, one with GSM compatibility and the other with CDMA compatibility.

Finally, the price also changes depending which device you choose. The Treasure and Premier are currently available for a similar price, but we expect the price to go up a little for the Premier.

Here are the links to our reviews for each of these LG smartphones so that you can take a closer look:
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Now for those who may be considering upgrading from older LG smartphones we've added several popular LG phones to our comparison chart:

Tracfone LG smartphones
Tracfone LG Comparison Chart - Click to Expand

You can see the key specifications for the LG Ultimate 2, LG Lucky and LG Sunset above along with the other LG Smartphones. The Ultimate 2 has been discontinued by Tracfone (meaning they don't sell it anymore, but you can find it on Amazon and eBay) but the Lucky and Sunset are both still widely available.

We wouldn't recommend buying the LG Lucky or Ultimate 2 unless you understand the limitations. For the price, the Lucky is a great deal for an Android device. However, if you want to use this as a daily smartphone and run a variety of apps, you will probably be frustrated with the low memory and lack of performance. The Ultimate 2 was the best Tracfone device at the time it was released, but it has been available from Tracfone since 2014 and is somewhat outdated.

The LG Sunset actually compares pretty well with several of the newer LG phones like the Treasure and Rebel. If you've got the Sunset already, you may want to wait for something more advanced to be released before upgrading.

We hope this comparison helps for those considering the new LG smartphones Tracfone has recently released. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts or questions. (all comments are moderated before posting to keep out spam)

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