Tracfone Deals and Sales - August 2016

List of Deals and Discounts on Tracfone Smartphones

Below are a list of various phones for Tracfone and where to get them for the best price. TracfoneReviewer strives to provide readers with the best information to help them save money. Take a look around our blog if you're new to see some of the other Tracfone related content we offer.

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Tracfone Deal and Discounts for August 2016
Tracfone releases new phones on a regular basis, but these phones are released through a wide variety of retail channels including stores, online shopping networks, and the Tracfone website. It can be hard to track down where the best deals are for Tracfone devices.

But we keep up with where phones are being offered, and where to find the best prices and are sharing our best deals here. These deals don't always last long, so be sure to move quickly if it is a phone you really want.

We are including in this list of deals and sales some Tracfone smartphones, a non-smartphone device for Tracfone, as well as several unlocked smartphones that can be used with Tracfone BYOP.

Our goal is to share some of the best deals we have found on phones to use with Tracfone, to give our readers more options when buying a device. Be sure to leave a comment if you find a better deal somehwere that we missed.

All of the phones listed below we recommend because we think they are a good value for the money. But everyone needs to consider what they want out of a phone before finding which will suit their needs best.

If you need more help looking for a new phone, visit our list of Cell Phone Reviews.

Tracfone Deals and Discounts on Smartphones for August 2016

Some of these deals include just the phone, or the phone and airtime.

LG 306G and LG 441G (non-smartphones)

We are going to start this list off with two non-smartphone options for those who might need to upgrade from a 2G device, but are not ready for a smartphone.

The LG 306G (click for our review) is a small, touchscreen phone that does calling and texting, and has the capability for java based apps. But you cannot use typical apps from Android because this phone doesn't use the Android OS.

It comes with a 3.2" touchscreen, 3 MP front facing camera, and uses GSM networks. This is a basic device, but at only $6.99 on Amazon with Triple Minutes for Life, it is a very good deal for those who don't want to make the move to smartphones.

Another non-smartphone option is the LG 441G flip phone. This is also a very basic phone, but does calling a texting as you would expect from a flip phone.

The LG 441G is available from QVC for $20 and includes a 60 minute airtime card worth $20, making the phone essentially free (just remember shipping and handling costs).

One of the major benefits of non-smartphone devices from Tracfone is that you can still use Tracfone Promo Codes with them and get extra airtime for free each time you add minutes to your phone.

Now, let's get to the great deals on Tracfone Smartphones.

LG Rebel L44VL

We recently reviewed the LG Rebel and it is a basic but good smartphone with Android 5.1, 4.5" touchscreen, 5 MP camera and 8 GB Memory. It is a phone that is best for low to moderate smartphone users. If you tend to use a lot of different apps, you may want a more powerful phone. The Rebel is a good option for first time smartphone users, or even as a backup device. It runs on CDMA networks.

You can get the LG Rebel with 1200 minutes from QVC for $84 (at this time). The airtime alone is worth about $100, making this a great deal.

If you don't need the minutes, you can also get the Rebel from eBay for $50.

LG Stylo 2 L81 AL

We also recently reviewed the LG Stylo 2 and it comes with an impressive 5.7" touchscreen. You also get 8 MP camera, Android 5.1, and 8 GB internal memory. The key feature for the Stylo 2 is obviously the large screen which makes reading, watching videos or even texting much easier.

The rest of the specs for the Stylo 2 are very adequate, but for people who like to use their smartphone a lot, and run multiple apps at once, you may want to look for a phone with both more internal memory (for storing apps) and more RAM (for running multiple apps at once).

Get the LG Stylo 2 from HSN for $180 which includes 1200 minutes (worth $100).

LG Lucky L16C

The LG Lucky is a very basic smartphone running Android 4.4, with a 3.8" touchscreen and 4 GB internal memory. We would only recommend it to people who don't plan to use their phone for very much beyond email, facebook, or browsing the web.

But you can get the LG Lucky for just $10 on Amazon, making it a great value for the money. Some of the optinos for this phone include a dedicated MP3 or podcast player, back up phone, or smartphone for kids. The main limitations for this phone is the low internal memory and low RAM.

Take a look at our review of the LG Lucky to learn more.

Deals on Unlocked Smartphones for Tracfone BYOP

Next we want to share a few smartphones that could be used with Tracfone BYOP. These are unlocked devices, and should work with BYOP, but they are not guaranteed to work, so proceed with that in mind.

Making sure that the device is unlocked, and uses the correct network for your area are good steps to increase the likelihood that the phone can be activated with Tracfone BYOP, but we've still heard from a small percentage of people about issues with activating devices on BYOP.

There are two major benefits to activating your own device with Tracfone BYOP - selection and price. You can choose your smartphone from a much wider selection, and these phones, especially refurbished or used models, can be purchased at significant discounts. Tracfone has very limited options when it comes to internal memory, but when you bring your own device, you can get a phone with as much memory as you need.

BLU RI HD (GSM Compatible for Tracfone BYOP)

Tracfone blu smartphone
BLU R1 HD unlocked
The R1 is a budget BYOP option that comes with two main features many Tracfone users may want - 16 GB internal memory and 2 GB RAM. You also get Android 6.0, a 5" touchscreen and an 8 MP camera.

How much does a phone like this cost? Well that's the best part, the regular version, with 16 GB memory, is available on Amazon for $109. If you're a prime member, you can get a $50 gift card with certain restrictions.

When we first started hearing about the BLU line of smartphones and how cheap they are, we were skeptical, but several readers have reported good experiences activating BLU devices with Tracfone.

Moto G 4th Gen (Unlocked for either GSM or CDMA with Tracfone BYOP)

tracfone discount phones
Unlocked Moto G 4th Gen
The Moto G line of phones is well known for delivering great value at a reasonable price and the newest generation, the Moto G 4th gen, is no exception. It comes with 16 GB memory (or 32GB), 2 GB RAM, an Octa-core processor, 5.5" touchscreen and 13 MP camera.

You can get the Moto G on Amazon for $199, or even less with certain offers.

One of the big features of the Moto G line is exceptional, all-day battery life. The newest model takes it one step further with turbo charging, giving up to 6 hours battery life off of a 15 minute charge. If you're tired of your phone running out of battery halfway through the day, consider the Moto G.

Samsung Galaxy S5 (Unlocked, GSM and CDMA versions available to use with Tracfone BYOP)

The Galaxy S5 was the flagship phone for Samsung in 2014 and it had some of the most advanced features at the time. Two years later it is still a powerful phone, but you can get it for much less than before.

Featuring a 5.1" touchscreen, 16 GB internal memory and 16 MP camera, the Galaxy S5 has outstanding features even though it is two years old. It is also dust and water resistant, which is always good in case of an accident.

Tracfone actually offers the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 for sale, but they range in price from $500 to just over $600 and not everyone wants to spend that much on a phone.

You can find an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 on eBay for around $200, and under $200 if you're willing to buy a refurbished model. Always be sure to read any fine print about the condition of the phone, and make sure it has a clean ESN and is compatible with whichever network you plan to use.

That concludes our list of great deals, discounts and sales on Tracfone smartphones and unlocked devices. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts or questions. And also let us know if you find any exceptional deals out there.

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We updated our article on New Tracfone Smartphone-Only Airtime Cards and included some airtime comparison tables that are very helpful in learning which card is the best deal for you to buy. Take a look if you want to learn more.

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