Don’t Mangle that Language, Mango It!

Whether you’re brushing up on a second language, practicing English as a second language or just learning a few phrases for a summer trip abroad, the library has got you covered. Most of our customers know the library offers books, CDs and DVDs to help you learn a foreign language. But you can also use our powerful language learning tool, Mango Languages, without ever leaving your home. All you need is your free Fairfax County Public Library card to get started with more than 70 online language courses. Each lesson covers practical, real-life conversations presented by native speakers in a clear and simple format.

Accessing Mango is easy:

  1. Go to the library's website at
  2. Select Online Resources in the menu on the left.
  3. Select the orange Languages icon in the e-Research section.
  4. Select Log On and enter your valid Fairfax County Public Library card number.
  5. Create a profile and log in to access the Mango language course of your choice.
You can use Mango as a guest user, but you’ll need to create a profile and log in in order to be able to track your progress through your completed lessons. Once you’ve created an account, Mango is accessible 24/7 and on the go as well. Download a Mango mobile app and learn a language whenever and wherever you choose. Soon you’ll be saying thank you in a whole new way.

-Rebecca Wolff, Centreville Library

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