Libraries Transform: Celebrating National Library Week 2016

This year’s National Library Week theme is a celebration of the power of libraries to transform our lives and communities. It’s something librarians believe in wholeheartedly, but we don’t always think about it as we go about our daily business. I know I don’t go home and tell my family, “Gee, I really think I made the world a better place today.” Yet every day I see examples of the positive impact libraries make in the lives of our customers. It’s the student who comes to an English conversation class, working to get the tools she needs to pass the citizenship test. It’s the customer who gets a little extra help submitting an online job application using our public computers. It might be a young mother who brings her child to storytime programs, working to develop the early literacy skills needed for kindergarten. It can even be the commuter who is just thankful that eAudiobooks make his daily trek to DC a little more bearable. Whether it’s as simple as finding a space for a community group to meet or as complex as planning tech classes to help customers increase their marketability, we are there to help our community.

We are so fortunate here to work with dedicated and passionate colleagues. Sure, there are days where the copiers aren’t working or the book someone desperately needs now is already checked out. These moments are frustrating for both staff and customers. But trust me, there is nothing that makes us happier than hearing that one of our customers got the job, nailed their school project, successfully friended their grandchild on Facebook or just really liked the book we recommended. We come into work every day because we really do believe in our mission to “educate, enrich, and empower our diverse community.”

So, bear with us this week as we take a break from our normal posts to celebrate all the reasons that we love working at Fairfax County Public Library. Because we really do make a difference.
We'll be posting pictures all week, but you can check out all the reasons we love Fairfax County Public Library on our Flickr album.

-Rebecca Wolff, Centreville Regional Library

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