8 Websites to Help You Find Your Summer Reads

Do your homework! School may be out, but life is too short to read books you don’t like. Use these websites to help you pick a summer’s worth of good reads.

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A well-curated and sophisticated website. Find articles, author interviews, Friday reads (what you should read this weekend), summer previews and lists. There are lots of great recommendations here.

Great lists and book exploring at www.bookish.com

Can’t keep your Alex Cross’s straight? Need to know the title of Book 4 of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series?  Find series lists in order here.

4. Find Your Reviewer Crush

Ever read a glowing book review, then read the book, disliked it and wonder what went wrong? Take a different approach. Check out some reviews of a book you’ve already read and see which critics’ or which publications’ appraisal resonated most with you. Match made. Then follow that reviewer or see what else they recommend. Me? I appreciate NPR reviews. Plus, they have a great Tumblr page.

Mystery fans can browse this site by author name, character name or by genre index: Cozy (Traditional) Mysteries vs. Gothic Suspense. Or, you can pick mysteries set in a certain time period with their Historical Index. Only like Victorian mysteries? Look no further.

Great for helping your junior readers. Books receive reviews from kids and adults alike. “Kids say…” vs. “Parents say…”

7. Slate Magazine’s Audio Book Club podcast

I love listening to Slate’s editors discuss their monthly book club pick. Check them out, see what they are reading, then plan to listen to the podcast once you’ve finished the book.

Smart discussions of popular works and classics.
This site has many visually compelling ways to explore new titles based on what you’ve read and liked. It’s “You might also like…” in a fun, graphic format.

-Ginger Hawkins, Patrick Henry Library

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